Choose a Good Natured Gift this Christmas

Choose a Good Natured Gift this Christmas

Press Release 2nd November 2012

It’s hard to believe but it is coming towards the end of the year and Christmas is on our doorstep.  Christmas is a time for families and friends to reunite and celebrate.  It is  time when we exchange gifts to loved ones, socks for Dad, perfume for Mum, a box of chocolates for your work colleagues and a bottle of wine for your neighbours.  This year why not choose a gift that will have a lasting impact far beyond Christmas. The Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) have a selection of good natured gifts on offer for you to choose from.  Good natured gifts are a donation towards wildlife.  This donation goes towards maintaining and restoring habitats and monitoring wildlife in Ireland.  Nuala Madigan Education Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council commented ‘there is nothing better than hearing the sound of croaking frogs on a Spring morning as they lay spawn in wetlands, a €15 good natured frog gift would support the IPCC in maintaining and restoring wetlands and allow the IPCC to continue to monitor frog populations nationally’.

There are many different types of good natured gifts.  The Bog of Allen Nature Centre offers family passes for the year for only €25.  This pass supports the conservation of peatlands in Ireland and gives your family free entrance to the centre throughout the year.  Adults can explore the gardens and peatland exhibitions while younger visitors get a hands on experience of Irish wildlife through pond dipping for minibeasts and searching for newts and frogs.  The Marsh Fritillary is a butterfly that is endangered throughout Europe, for €20 you can adopt a Marsh Fritillary butterfly.  Your adoption will help the IPCC to manage a site in Kildare where the butterfly is breeding and where we monitor the number of nest sites of the butterfly on the site.  Joining the IPCC as a Friend of the Bog for €40 for a year will ensure that you get IPCC’s Peatland News twice a year and free entrance to the Bog of Allen Nature Centre.

When Christmas is over, the wine has been drunk, the chocolates have been eaten and the perfume bottle is empty a good natured gift will keep on giving.   Come June young froglets will be emerging from the ponds onto the land around us eating those slugs and snails that may be attacking your vegetable patch, the Marsh Fritillary will be fluttering past as you enjoy a walk in the countryside, in Spring and Autumn you will be settling down to read your Peatland News magazine with a cup of tea or you will be enjoying a  day out at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre with family or friends. Christmas is a time for family and friends but this year why not choose a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year in a very enjoyable way.

If you would like to purchase a good natured gift you can choose your gift by visiting the website of the IPCC at and make your purchase through our secure paypal account or alternatively you can e-mail the IPCC at or phone 045-860133 and we will send you a catalogue.

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