Family Visits

The Bog of Allen Nature Centre is a fun and exciting day out for children and families of all ages and interests.

There are three areas for activities and exploration at the centre:

  • The peatland Museum
  • The biodiversity gardens and greenhouse of carnivorous plants (Flytraps)
  • Lodge Bog – a living raised bog habitat

Guided Tour of the Bog of Allen Nature Centre Exhibition Hall, Co. Kildare, IrelandTop 10 Highlight Objects to See in the Museum (please ask for the museum quiz at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre before you undertake your search)

  1. Skeleton of the head of the Great Irish Elk
  2. Oak boat over 2000 years old found in the bog
  3. Model train and narrow gauge railway that takes milled peat from the bog
  4. 1000 year old Bog Butter
  5. The Irish Hare
  6. Turf and Sleáns
  7. The old Irish Kitchen
  8. The Army Bike
  9. Models of how bogs grow
  10. Models of raised and blanket bogs

Top 3 wildlife activities to do in the Gardens at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre (our Information Guide will help you have a fabulous time)

  1. Pond dipping for mini beasts
  2. Frog and Newt hunt
  3. Colour dabs and nature crafts

Activity Trail to Lodge Bog – things to do (please ask for a free activity back pack at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre before you set off on your adventure)

  1. Feel the bog move
  2. Test how much water Sphagnum moss holds
  3. Pond dipping for mini beasts
  4. Scavanger Hunt
  5. Sing the Rattlin’ Bog Song

Facilities for Families

  • Quizzes and crayons
  • Art materials
  • Activity back packs
  • Information Guide
  • Picnic area
  • Free tea and coffee and cordial drinks

Admission: 2 adults + 4 children €20  Book Admission Ticket(s) in Advance

Opening Times

  • Lodge Bog: is open at all times
  • The Bog of Allen Nature Centre: Monday to Friday, daily 10am to 5pm (last visit 4pm).
  • Closed: Christmas, Bank Holidays.
  • Weekend Openings: By Appointment
  • Special weekend opening to the public during May for Biodiversity Week, July forInternational Bog Day, August for Heritage Week and September for Culture Night (see events).