Bog Watch Pool Bug Identification Dial

You Will Need

  • Bog Watch Pool Bug Identification DialPool bug dial template (4 pieces)
  • card
  • pritt stick or glue
  • coating or clear sticky plastic
  • colouring pencils or markers
  • scissors
  • compass
  • envelope sealing pin

What To Do

  1. Print out the two large sides of the pool bug dial and two copies of the smaller arrow dial from the Bog Watch Pool Bug Dial Template.
  2. Cut out the pool bug dials and the arrow dials. Leave the arrow dials to one side.
  3. Cut out a piece of card the same size as the larger pool bug dials.
  4. Glue the pool bug dials onto either side of the piece of card.
  5. Cover each item in clear sticky plastic to make the dial waterproof.
  6. Pierce a hole in the centre of the cross marked on each of the three pieces using a compass point. Bind the three pieces together with a brass envelope sealing pin. The two arrow dials should spin freely.

 How to Use the Bogwatch Pool Bug Identification Dial 

One side of the bug dial is for identifying animals with 6 legs. The other side is for identifying animals with more than 6 legs or no legs at all. Always check that you are using the correct side of the dial. Point the magnifying glass at the pool bug you want to check. The notes will tell you about the numbers of legs and tails the creature has, about how it moves and where it lives in the bog pool.

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