International Bog Day 2021: Taking Action for Peatlands

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 International Bog Day 2021: Taking Action for Peatlands

19th July 2021





On the 25th of July, the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are celebrating International Bog Day 2021 by hosting an event from 2-5pm, to promote our new Peatlands and Climate Change Action Plan 2030, at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre. International Bog Day is an annual worldwide day of celebration to raise awareness of the importance of peatlands and the variety of ecosystem services they provide us all.  The Irish Peatland Conservation Council are delighted to also share that while we will be raising the profile of peatlands as Climate Change Champions in the afternoon of International Bog Day with a public event, in the morning we will be taking action for peatlands.  A group of Climate Change Ambassadors from An Taisce’s Climate Ambassador Programme will be helping to remove invading scrub along the boundary of Lodge Bog.

Peatlands are wetlands with a high-water table where undecomposed dead plants accumulate over thousands of years forming peat.  The plants that accumulate in a peatland are undecomposed as the high water table limits oxygen and prevents the agents of decay, bacteria and fungi, from working.   As a result, peatlands are carbon stores and according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, are the largest store of terrestrial carbon in the world!   Earlier this year the Irish Peatland Conservation Council published our 7th Action Plan Peatlands and Climate Change Action Plan.   Visiting the Bog of Allen Nature Centre on International Bog Day from 2pm, the peatland exhibition and wildlife gardens will be open for you to enjoy at your leisure.  At 2.30pm expect to learn more about the role peatlands have as Climate Change Champions and discover some of the initiatives undertaken by the Climate Change Ambassadors to raise awareness of Climate Change through short outdoor talks.  To close the day the Irish Peatland Conservation Council will lead a walk to Lodge Bog at 3.30pm.

To keep us all safe and adhere to HSE Covid-19 guidelines we are asking all those that are intending to join us from 2pm on International Bog Day to register for this event by calling the centre on 045-860133 or e-mail

This event is supported by Kildare County Council under the Festival Grant 2021, the Community Foundation for Ireland and the Tides Foundation.

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