World Animal Day Celebrates the “Big 4” at the Bog of Allen

Press Release: 28th September 2015

World Animal Day Celebrates the “Big 4” at the Bog of Allen

Join the Irish Peatland Conservation Council to as World Animal Day celebrates the “Big 4” at the Bog of Allen. The event takes place in the Bog of Allen Nature Centre on Monday the 5th of October between 10am-4pm. The IPCC will be celebrating the ‘Big 4’ found on the Bog of Allen. The ‘Big 4’ includes; the otter, fox, hare and badger. In Europe the otter is the most endangered of our “Big 4” due to loss of its habitat. In the Bog of Allen they are doing very well because of the variety of wetlands present. The fox, hare and badger also breed successfully in the area.

World Animal Day started in 1931 its mission is to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. The day has become a day of remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them.

At the Bog of Allen Nature Centre we will be giving a guided tour of our dead zoo and peatland exhibition, giving people the chance to learn about the “Big 4” . There will also be the opportunity to explore the other wildlife that live on the bog, their adapations to living in their natural habitats and discover the underwater invertebrates found in freshwater habitats.

“In our peatland exhibition you will also find the skull of the Great Irish Elk that was roaming Ireland 12,000 years ago, this skull was recovered in an excellent state of preservation from the Bog of Allen. It is amazing to see the size of this gigantic Elk skull compared to the red deer that are present in Ireland today.”says Katie Geraghty, IPCC’s campaign officer.

There will be fun animal related activities for children such as pond dipping, frog and newt searches, and learning how to make frog masks. This educational day will be fun for all the family and animal lovers alike. So save the date and join the IPCC on Monday 5th of October between 10am-4pm, Admission €5, refreshments available. All welcome.

This event is supported by Kildare County Council through the festival grant scheme 2015

Further Information:

Katie Geraghty

Campaign Officer
Irish Peatland Conservation Council,
Bog of Allen Nature Centre
Co. Kildare R51 V293
Tel: +353 (0)45 860 133
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