Spring into Action – Become a Bog Biodiversity Protector

Press Release

3rd April 2019

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 16.39.50The Irish Peatland Conservation (IPCC) Council are asking you to spring into action and become a bog biodiversity protector on 9th April, from 10am-12pm as we get involved in National Spring Clean as part of Féile an Dúlra, IPCC Festival of Nature supported by Kildare County Council.  Peatlands are such a unique habitat however, they are also known to be popular areas for litter and dumping.  They store a large amount of carbon and are Irelands last wilderness.  IPCC aim to conserve a portion of Irelands bogs and maintaining a litter free area is important.

Why keep our bogs litter free? Paula Farrell, IPCC Campaign Officer explains, ‘Aswell as being unsightly, litter can be very harmful to wildlife. Some animals may confuse litter such as plastics for food and try to eat it.  Small pieces of plastics known as microplastics may enter bog pools or nearby streams and find their way into the stomach of wildlife.  Litter or pollutants can also be harmful to humans. We enjoy walks on our bogs but the presence of glass, or chemicals can pose a serious threat to humans and wildlife’.

Peatlands are home to rare and threatened species such as the lovely Curlew (Numenius arquata), one of our ground nesting birds.  It is an Annex II species and its numbers have declined drastically as a result of habitat loss.  Toxins are absorbed by soils which in turn can cause damage to plant species and any animals eating the plants.  These toxins travel further up the food chain and can have a negative effect on the already declining Curlew populations along with all other wildlife.

As we become more environmentally aware, we understand that litter has no place in nature.  Why not join us litter picking and help us to improve the biodiversity of our peatland habitats whilst also taking in the remarkable landscape. Get some hands-on experience and see the work we do to conserve our bogs and become a bog biodiversity protector.  Meet with IPCC at 10am on the 9th of April at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre.  

Editors Notes

The Irish Peatland Conservation Council is a charity (CHY6829) that aims to conserve a representative portion of Irish Peatlands for people to enjoy today and in the future.  

Féile and Dúlra is IPCC’s annual festival of wildlife and nature events.  It is supported by Kildare County Council through the Festival Grant Scheme.  

For interviews contact Paula Farrell, Campaign Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council on bogs@ipcc.ie or 045-860133

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