Irish Peatland Conservation CouncilWelcome to the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC). Fáilte. We hope our web site will help you to get to know us better. It’s your gateway to  the save the bogs campaign. We encourage you to visit us at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre. Please help us to keep in touch with one another.

Visitor Attraction – Education and Fun Days Out

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Save the Bogs Campaign – Action & Information


Public Consultation on the Irish Peatland Strategies – Have your Say by Making a Submission

Life Cycle of the Common Frog (Rana temporaria)

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The IPCC Action Plan 2020 for
Conserving Bogs
 - Get all the facts and figures about Irish Peatlands

Turf Dispelling the Myths – IPCC reveals the Truth About Turf Cutting in Ireland on Bogs of Conservation Importance


Wondering What’s So Special About Peat? Get all the Answers by downloading our Leaflet

IPCC’s mission is to conserve a representative sample of the peatlands of Ireland for future generations to enjoy.

With three nature reserves and the Bog of Allen Nature Centre we are actively involved in restoring peatland habitats, protecting wildlife and educating the public.


Watch the Video (left) About IPCC and Learn how we are Saving Irish Bogs


action for bogs  No. 20 issued 2013Learn how you can take Action for Bogs by reading the latest edition of Action for Bogs No. 20 – 2013

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Irish Peatland Conservation Council, Bog of Allen Nature Centre, Lullymore, Rathangan, Co. Kildare, Ireland. T: +353-45-860133;  E: bogs@ipcc.ie

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