Seeing Biodiversity in the Bog of Allen

Press Release: For Immediate Publication 13th November 2013

Seeing Biodiversity in the Bog of Allen

In the Bog of Allen Region of Kildare, a new nature trail amenity encompasssing three biodiversity hot spots aims to provide first hand experiences that educate users about the importance of the natural environment and build respect for nature by leading them into a natural classroom.

The Lullymore Biodiversity Trail has been developed by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC). Two nature reserves and the Bog of Allen Nature Centre link this 5km trail celebrating the wonderful wildlife of the area.

What better way to discover the Bog of Allen, than by walking through its rich landscape. The Lullymore Biodiversity Trail follows a route which will allow visitors to stroll through floral scented hedges, wild windy bogs, butterfly havens and wildlife gardens. The Bog of Allen is a place where visitors can refresh and enliven their senses,” says Dr Catherine O’Connell, the project leader.

To allow people to get a taste of what is on offer on the Lullymore Biodiversity Trail, they can take a virtual tour from this link

The development of the Lullymore Biodiversity Trail is one of a number of awareness raising projects under the BioBog initiative of the IPCC. It includes visits to Lodge Bog, a raised bog habitat overlooked by the Hill of Allen and Lullymore West Bog which is a refuge for the endangered marsh fritillary butterfly. Both sites are owned and managed bythe IPCC.

BioBog is supported by the Department of Arts, Hertiage and the Gaeltacht, the Notice Nature Campaign and the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.


Further Information and Images: or Telephone IPCC on 045 860133, Email:

Download the Lullymore Biodiversity Trail Leaflet from this link: lullymorebiodiversitytrail




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