A call to action for blanket bogs

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A call to action for blanket bogs

23rd March 2017

Ireland’s last great wilderness, the blanket bogs are in serious trouble. This is happening despite a good level of legal protection. The Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are on a mission to save these rare wildlife refuges from extinction in Ireland and to make their conservation work.

IPCC have been busy working on a plan of action. An online blanket bog survey has been launched at www.ipcc.ie. Members of the public are being asked to act as citizen scientists and provide proof of the worsening state of blanket bogs. This evidence will be used to broker the best conservation management deal with government decision makers.

The IPCC has also concentrated it’s 2017 Spring Appeal on raising funds for the protection of blanket bogs. “The level of  success of the blanket bog campaign will depend on people. A little effort from a lot of people will enable us to undertake this monumental body of work”, commented Conservation Policy & Fundraising Officer Therese Kelly.

The government has identified the threats to blanket bogs as overgrazing, trampling, drainage, afforestation, mechanical peat-extraction, burning, windfarms and other infrastructural developments. “All of this pressure has resulted in there being less than 23% of the original blanket bog area left worth saving”, she added.

What remains is undeniably worth saving though. From the unique wildlife to the benefits blanket bogs provide naturally for people. Think of a nature, think clean water, think climate regulation, think recreation, think poetry, art and musical inspiration.

Communities can play their part by making a donation to the blanket bogs campaign today or taking part in the online survey. “Let’s work together and leave a natural legacy we can all be proud of” said Therese Kelly. Other ways to help would be to avoid cutting turf on designated sites, to stock grazing animals at sustainable levels and to hike only on designated trails. IPCC are also offering restoration advice on damaged blanket bogs to the public as part of this campaign.

The IPCC are a nature conservation charity that have been working to protect bogs on behalf of concerned people for over 30 years.


Editor’s notes

For further details, information, pictures or interviews, please telephone: 045-860133 and ask for Therese Kelly (Conservation Policy & Fundraising Officer) or Catherine O’Connell (Chief Executive Officer) or email bogs@ipcc.ie

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