Learn the Essentials of Composting this Earth Day

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19th April 2017

Learn the Essentials of Composting this Earth Day

Join the Irish Peatland Conservation Council at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre this Saturday 22nd April to celebrate Earth Day 2017.  Earth Day is an international celebration where almost 200 countries and 1 billion people take part in a worldwide initiatives to take action for our environment.  As part of the Bog of Allen Nature Centre Féile an Dúlra an initiative supported by Kildare County Council visit the centre between 10am-1pm on Saturday and discover the five essentials to making a wonderful compost in your garden. Nuala Madigan, Education Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council says ‘there are many reasons why families choose not to compost from smells to flies but composting is easy to get started, will save money and also helps to protect Ireland’s wild bogland’s.   Following five simple steps can help to produce a great compost and prevents many of the problems associated with composting, so come along on Saturday and learn how you can get composting this Summer.’  The Bog of Allen Nature Centre compost all its garden clippings and food scraps in the wildlife gardens so visitors can explore how to compost leaves, garden clippings and food waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings.  All are welcome to the centre on Saturday 22nd April to learn the essentials of composting and it will also be an opportunity to explore the wildlife gardens, peatland exhibition and insect eating plant display free of charge.

Five Great Composting Tips
1. Start With The Right Mix Of Materials. Greens and Browns. Green material is rich in nitrogen and brown material is rich in carbon. For every 3 to 4 parts of brown material you put in – make sure to add 1 part of green.
2. Make the Pile Big Enough To Work – But Not Too Big to Manage. A good size is 1m x 1m x 1m
3. Chop Up Items You Add To The Pile. The smaller the pieces going in, the quicker they decompose
4. Turn, Turn, And Turn Some More… Turning your pile on a regular basis will make your pile decompose more quickly as it adds air, a key ingredient that aids decomposition
5. Keep The Pile Moist… Keep the pile damp, but not dripping to help the composting process

For further information about this event please contact us at bogs@ipcc.ie

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