Lunchtime with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council

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8th April 2021

Lunchtime with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council


Grab a sandwich, salad or bowl of soup and join the Irish Peatland Conservation Council for a series of short virtual talks at lunchtime. In 2021 the Irish Peatland Conservation Council are developing the raised bog habitat of Lodge Bog for community groups into a best practice model of peatland restoration, species monitoring and research, an initiative supported by the Community Foundation for Ireland Biodiversity Fund. This series of ten virtual talks will explore all aspects of peatlands hosted at 1pm from the 13th April and all you need to do to get involved is register by e-mailing .

The talks will be of particular interest to peatland custodians nationwide and will offer an insight into peatland habitat, their values and species monitoring with two talks focusing on the threatened Curlew and under recorded Large Heath Butterfly both iconic peatland species. Talks will also explore how to complete a peatland habitat assessment, peatland restoration and habitat monitoring including drain blocking, Sphagnum moss transfer and measuring the water table on your local bog. Visit to explore the full schedule of peatland virtual talks at lunchtime.

Covid-19 has had an impact on social gatherings, at this time of year the Irish Peatland Conservation Council would normally have a full schedule of events planned for members of the public discovering peatlands by visiting peatland habitat.   All of our efforts to restrict our movements are keeping our communities safe and with support from the Irish Environmental Network fundraising support grant the Irish Peatland Conservation Council are going virtual.

It is easy to get involved in these short online lunchtime talks, that are free and all are welcome to attend. To register simply e-mail and you will receive the zoom link to join. Peatlands are found nationwide and while some are fortunate to have peatlands in their local 5km for many others they do not. Going virtual will enable all of us, together, to discover and explore the importance of these wet and wild landscapes and the values they provide for all.

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